Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hyspasists Continued..

Hey all,
In my last post i mentioned that i was going to try and make some conversions out of the Wargames Factory Greatcoat Shock Troopers and turn them into my foot slogging Mechanicus guard... When i first saw photo's of these guys i was totally stoked and then i saw the price.. which was 18 models for round $25, which i though was great... until i actually got them... there are only 3 poses available, two of which are actually really good and the other very static... But overall i felt with a little bit of green stuff and some other various bits I could make em pretty good. I still lack a decent camera, so as always, please forgive the photo's taken from my HTC Hero.. (which is great at taking photos of normal everyday things, but not so great taking close-ups of minis!)
So first up is a couple photos of my first couple test minis

Here are a couple shots of my first 4 all together... pretty cohesive I think?

Lastly, i recently bought some of the bionic bits from MaxMini and converted some of my veterans using these bits.. pretty cool i think.
This one has the bionic leg...

Here are a couple with bionic arms..

Thats it for this rainy saturday morning!


Scott said...

Those look pretty good. What we really need soon is an all-army shot.

Keep it up, man.

Dasanton said...

Looking good...

I'd recommend that unless it's particular to the theme of the army (I'm not sure on livery), I'd go with a bone or white color for the details on the cloaks... it will pop a lot better.