Friday, October 8, 2010

I liked the pretty colors...

A year or so ago, the owner of my FLGS ran a demo of a game called Heavy Gear: Blitz for me. It's a 12mm sci-fi game set on a distant planet. The rules, while quite simple, are extremely complex... Let me rephrase, there are a lot of rules... they aren't difficult to understand, it's just difficult to remember all of them.

I picked the army that had the coolest looking color scheme, and since I'm not big on the whole walking robots schtick, I chose a force that had a lot of tanks and infantry; namely, Port Arthur Korps (PAK). They are the remnants of an earth force that landed on Terra Nova (the planet that the game takes place on) and have some of the more advanced technology in the game... Including the dreaded heavy hover tanks that seem to be nearly unstoppable in the game (they're the bigger ones in the pictures)

I finished my force up about a month or two ago, but I never got around to taking decent pictures of them.

All said; it's about 3300 "threat value" (basically, points). We usually play at 1000 or 1500, so this is way more points than I'd ever generally play.

I still haven't tried the light hover tanks in a game (the two smaller tank squads of 3 each), but I figured that I had to have a couple of squads of them to round things out.

I'm pretty happy with how the army came out, and I really enjoy playing the game.


Scott said...

Oh man! I love giant walking robots. I played battletech for the first time this year at Adepticon. I really liked it, but I'm waiting for the 25th anniversary starter set to come out.

That being said, this looks pretty cool (based on your pictures alone). I'll have to check it out.

Dasanton said...

I've never played battletech, but I've heard it's very rules-intensive, and has a lot of "book-keeping", which to me might get boring. I should give it a try though.

James said...

Battletech has suffered from Rules Expansion. The basic game is fun, if somewhat intensive to track all the paperwork. Outside of that it gets stupidly heavy. Always wanted to like Heavy Gear, but the tiny scale just killed it for me. I wish they would have stayed in the 1/87 scale where they started. Very nice pictures!