Monday, October 4, 2010


Hey, got some more WIP skitarii photos for you today... So most have probably seen my veteran skitarii conversions based on Space Marine Scouts, if not go back a to the archive and check em out. These have been coming along nicely and i now have 3 full 10 man veteran squads with Chimeras. I also decided I wanted to be able to run regular troops (Hyspasists) too, so traded some stuff recently for some IG. I've seen lots of other folks conversions using high elf archers for the robed look, but i was never really stoked on how they looked, so decided to try and make the cloaks myself with some green stuff. I am very much a newbie with actual sculpting, but i like it and feel that with each model i get a bit better, not completely satisfied with these models, but i think they will be alright when surrounded by the rest of my army. So with out further ado, here are a couple picts

so, now that i've got a squad of 10 of these guys in various states of modeling, i found these guys on the interwebs the other day and ordered a box immediately. i think these are gonna be the ones I end up using... just some small conversions needed to get em looking good me thinks.
wargamesfactory shock troops

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Scott said...

Not bad for a first time doing cloth.

We need a shot of the entire army so far.