Thursday, January 13, 2011

Skaven (Sneak Peek)

Eric has been doing it, so I will too. Here are some plague monks in-progress.

When I decided to start my Skaven army this year, I pulled out my old models. I found these four primed and ready to paint, so I couldn't resist slapping some paint on them.

Each one was painted a little differently, but the overall result is the same. I started with a light base coat (Rotting Flesh) and built on that with a series of washes and some dry-brushing.

This is a departure from my recent work with blending and a return to my older technique of dry brushing and washing. The reason I stopped dry brushing and washing was that I thought the results were too sloppy. However, that actually works to my advantage with skaven (and most importantly, it's faster).

Also, whereas my work with my daemons has been very colorful, these are going to muted and almost monochromatic. I'll spend some extra time on front rank and character models, of course.


GDMNW said...

I love these little furballs. They're so cute. (I really mean disgusting and ugly)

Skaven are one of those armies I find incredibly hard to stay away from. Thanks for you help with that...

When are we going to see some more fella?

Scott said...

Thanks! I fought ot stay away from them for a long time. It wasn't hard when skaven were in their big-arm-monkey phase. Now that the minis are so great, well, you know the rest.

There will definately be a lot of skaven action this year.

I haven't decided if I'm going to tackle a couple 40K chaos-related projects first or not.