Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Little New, A Little Old

For the last couple of weeks I have had Warhammer on the brain. Scott got talking about doing Skaven so I dragged out my Empire models and one thing led to another. Last week I posted a photo of the first model I completed this year. I didn't talk much about him, I was just so eager to get his ugly mug up on the blog. As it turns out, he wasn't done after all. After "completing" him I went through a huge crisis of faith in my red scheme. You see, back in the day when I started my Marienburg army I was really determined to paint them quickly. So the red was originally Scab Red with a Red Gore highlight and Red Ink in the recesses. You see, back 10 years ago we didn't have GW's current range of Washes, and the Ink's really left whatever area they touched with a bit of shine. When I pulled out the Militia figure with the Catachan head and red coat, I re-did the red in an effort to mute the original shine, so I painted over most of the coat with Mechanite Red, mixed Mechanite Red and Scorched Brown to paint the recesses, and then I highlighted with Blood Red. The end result was this coat here:
He looks pretty good in the photo but I thought he looked a little flat in person. So then I started experimenting with a ton of combinations of washes and highlights to find what I really wanted. I tried washing thinned down Bestial Brown into the folds which gave a smooth but very dirty look that I ultimately rejected. I tried painting the red areas Mechanite Red, and then highlighting with Blood Red and then Bleached Bone. I followed this with multiple layers of Baal Red Wash. At first I thought it was too shiny so I ended up rejecting that scheme. I sort of regret it now. It was very rich and had a lot of depth.
Ultimately, though I went for a tried and true scheme. My 40K IG army was Blood Red with a Brown Wash, and then Blood Red, Blazing Orange, and Fiery Orange. Unfortunately they look very dirty and very orange, so I wanted to sort of get away from that. Instead I used that same basic idea but with the improved paints that GW has released. The final scheme is Mechanite Red with Devlan Mud Wash painted into the folds. All the raised areas are touched back up with
Mechanite Red to ensure a solid coat where it should be. Then the raised areas are highlighted
with Blood Red and Blazing Orange. It's a pretty generic red scheme but it works. Here are the 2 schemes side by side. The scheme that ends in Blazing Orange is on the right. The scheme that ended in Bleached Bone and several layers of Baal Red Wash is on the left. I'm sure I'll adapt that scheme on something somewhere along the way.
I've been productive. Way more productive than usual. Since the January 1 I have finished 5 models. They are actually from two different units, and three of the Spearmen are roughly identical. I added a feather to one and made sure all of the shields are different. I'm pretty happy with how they are coming out aside from the skin. I spent a decade deliberately not painting human faces so I feel like they need some work. I think the army is going to look pretty good when it all comes together. I have another 100 models to refine my techniques on. Here are the 5 completed models. I haven't determined if the bases will have Static Grass ultimately so the bases are sort of plain for the moment. They are display case quality though, so for our purposes they are done.
Finally I wanted to end with some models that I unearthed while getting pumped on Warhammer. Twelve years ago when I worked for GW - shortly before 6th Edition, I was feverishly working on some Bretonnians. The funny part is that I never completed any Knights. I converted a bunch of figures that didn't have a model in the original Bretonnian book and that didn't make it into the new book, and for some reason I painted a crap load of siege equipment even though I didn't have the models to field it. Ah, to have what seemed like limitless hobby time and resources again so I could do whatever whim that struck me. Anyway, here are the only 5 Bretonnian Spearmen I completed in 1998 along with 2 of the 5 mantlets I completed. Maybe I'll mess around with them a little or maybe I'll hold off until they get their next book. We'll see.
Nick: 5
Scott: 0


Scott said...

I can't believe that you've already dropped 5 points on me. I better get crackin'!

xNickBaranx said...

Don't worry Scott. You know I'm all feast and famine. haha.