Thursday, January 20, 2011

AdMech Heavy Weapons Squads

Here are a couple more new AdMech Heavy Weapons Squads (pretty overcast outside today, so not the best lighting)...

This first one was actually taken the other day with better lighting, but none of the others pictures i took that day turned out so eh... These are Steel Legion models...

Here are the ones from today...

Im honestly, really chugging through these to make them tabletop ready and not spending a whole lot of time and level of detail i have with my other models.. and im really ok with that ;)
next up are some of the (again only table top ready) lascannon heavy weapon squad.. it was actually way to cold the day i primed them and you can really tell with the texture on some area's of the model.. lesson learned. I do really like these forgeworld tanks and i can foresee picking up some more for different conversion at some point.

and last but not least... here the 3rd Company Crimson Fists Captain (Counts as Khan)

I totally am changing my tournament list last minute for this weekend.. this is my new list (even though i haven't play tested it at all ;)

Pedro with
5x honor guard 3x relic blades

Kor'sarro Khan

9x (Mechanicus) Sternguard 4x combi meltas

7 Assault Termies 4xTH/SS Landraider Crusader Multagun

2 Ten man tact squads, melta, missile, powerfist, rhino

Landspeeder 2x HB/HB HB

Next post will be all about my experience and perhaps a battle report or two and hopefully lots of pictures!!!


xNickBaranx said...

I'm really into the mechanicus gear tooth patterns on the hems of the robes.

Pedro Kantor said...

Thanks Nick!

palehorse said...

The red steel legion look sick....Reminds me of the Crimsom guard.COBRA!!