Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Scott's Painting Year in Review

I don't want gloat too much, but yes I won the painting race between Nick and myself.

However, as Nick so kindly pointed out in his post, I didn't beat the person I was really trying to beat. Namely, myself. In 2009, I painted 32 miniatures. In 2010, I painted 32 miniatures. Exactly.

Now, granted, the mix is a bit different. This year I painted a monstrous creature and two HQ choices. Seen here:

So, had I scored 2009 painting the way I scored 2010, I would have only earned 33 points. So in a round-about, convoluted way, I did beat my total from 2009.

Sort of.

Anyway, here are more close ups...

I also very nearly finished the second half of the CSM unit pictured above. Those will be done soon as I can tear myself away from assembling skaven.

And Thanks again to Nick for spilling the beans, but we have decided to start (or in Nick's case, revive) WHFB armies.

More on CSMs and Skaven coming soon.


xNickBaranx said...

I'm a bean spiller!

Scott. You should pat yourself on the back for something else. Looking at the pics of your end results in 2009 and 2010 you can see a huge leap in your painting style. Your 2010 models are way more colorful and dynamic. You've really outdone yourself!

Scott said...

Thanks a lot, Nick. I'm really happy with my output too.

Now, for something in the completely opposite direction....