Monday, January 28, 2013

My Mind Is Blown: Rob Hawkins

This morning, rather than talking about my own work I want to talk about someone else's. I spend a lot of time looking at other blogs. I know there are people who do the exact same thing. There are blogs I check daily, like because I kind of obsess over his creativity and output and then there are others I check periodically like Stahly's because I just like to look at pretty miniatures and they deliver the goods.

I had stumbled passed through a link on Dave Taylor's blog and for a while he was working on a sort of cartoon-ish looking castle for Wrath of Kings that was extremely well executed, but not my style. I'd do a quick scroll through the pics and then move along. Then I ran into this:
This picture is of a wild west building with a futuristic power generator on the side. The generators actually light up and are made out of LED Tea Lights.
Considering the quality of the other terrain in this post, and the fact that I had just bought 20 Tea Lights to use in my Adepticon projects, his blog had my full attention. Also, this painted neon "light" effect is just fantastic.
Yesterday I stumbled into his shots of the building interiors and was absolutely floored.
That's the inside of this building. Go check out his blog to see how the saloon splits into 2 sections for miniature photography opportunities:
Seriously, as a terrain nerd, this guy's work makes my head explode and I'm sick with envy. Oh wait, the jail is fully detailed too:
In fact, its a fully detailed wild west town.
But of course, this isn't all he's done. I decided to look at his terrain gallery and stumbled upon the trench board he had made. It just so happens that I need to make four 4'x4' trench boards for Adepticon and though I won't be ripping this off exactly, I will no doubt be borrowing some ideas from it:
If you are an obsessive terrain nerd like myself I highly recommend checking his site for inspiration. His work is fantastic and I look forward to following his blog in the future. Back to own work later today.


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