Monday, September 16, 2013

The Wrong Arm Take II - Angels of Absolution Scout WIP #2

One piece at a time. I just completed this arm.
Here I am again, trying to complete the same Dark Angel Scout model. Since the last post I completed this Combat Knife arm and glued it in place. If you read my last post you know that the gun arm I had completed for this model couldn't be fitted in place because of the amount I had rotated the torso - it was impacting the holster.
The Wrong Arm: AGAIN!
Well, the comedy of errors continues. I have the arm above mostly done - just some highlights and the squad marking to go. I decided to pull an extra of the identical arm from my bits box to make sure it still lines up correctly with the Combat Knife arm glued in place. Of course, it does not. The blade tip impacts the gun and though I could make it work, it looks awkward with the knife and gun touching. I spent a good half an hour test fitting Catachan, Cadian, Orlock, and Scout bitz to see what my best/easiest option would be. Sadly, most of the bitz I tried would have been most suited for a Sergeant or would require a lot of sculpting work.
Hopefully this arm works because the only other Scout arm that fits doesn't really go with the rest of the pose.
Finally I settled on this bit. Space Marine Bolt Pistol Arm attempt #3 coming later this week.
I hate the Scout heads (like a lot of people) so I'm making do with some Space Marine ones.
Finally, this blurry pic shows the Space Marine baldy with rebreather that I shaved down to use for the head. Lets hope nothing goes wrong here.


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