Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Down: Angels of Absolution Scouts WIP #4

Before the weekend hit I finally finished up the Angels of Absolution Scout I had been working on all week. Here he is. He has a Space Marine head with the neck shaved down to fit in the armor's neck socket. He also has a green stuff loin cloth and the "skull on a rope" that I no longer recall where it came from. So he's got a few little conversions to give him some character.
Here's the same model from a slightly different angle. The base has standard GW basing material, a little pile of shale fragments, a spring grass tuft from Noch, some German company, some standard GW static grass, and a few broom bristle fragments sticking out of the ground out of holes drilled with a pin vise.
This model is the "test model" I completed February 17, 2010. 2nd City Warzone - First Blood! 2/17/10. He's been waiting over 3 years for some buddies to go to battle with. He also has the green stuff loin cloth and Space Marine head.
These are more legs waiting in the wings. The legs to the far left have a veteran crux attached to the loin cloth so those will be the sergeant legs. The legs in the middle are for a normal Scout, or maybe since the combat knife is at his side, maybe that would be the ideal heavy weapon Scout? The legs all the way to the right have received a lot of work since this pic was taken and actually if now a mostly done 3rd Scout. Note that if you look closely I took a moment to drill holes in the bases for broom bristle to stick out of. I think doing this now is better than when the model is done and I'm almost ruining a completed model as I'm drilling into it multiple times.
This final picture is from the 4th Edition Dark Angels Codex and shows you some of the reference material I'm working with. This is where I got the idea for loin cloths and bald heads. I noticed that this pic and the one in the new book both depict Scouts with backpacks, so I'm trying to incorporate that as well in the future.


Siph_Horridus said...

Saddle bags from bikers or packs from Imp Guard HQ squad and the scout radio set make great backpacks, along with using the sheathed scout knife as a 'sheath' scabbard if they have one drawn,just hollow out at the trimmed off handle.

My scout sergeants have these bald heads

xNickBaranx said...

Solid ideas Siph. I just put up the model I finished yesterday and I used an IG vox pack. I never thought to use the saddle bags though. I'll have to play around with that. Thanks!