Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Piece By Piece: Angels of Absolution Scouts WIP 3

I've been working along on that Angels of Absolution Scout Squad. The other day I highlighted up the flesh for the head I intend to use on the body I've been working on (visible to the right of the head). I'm really happy with how the flesh came out. Hopefully I don't destroy it when I do the eyes.
Tallarn Flesh, Ogryn Flesh Wash, Cadian Flesh Tone, Bronzed Flesh, Elf Flesh, and Agrax Earth Shade in the eye sockets. Only 2 of those paints can still be found on a shelf at a store. That's how I roll.
I've started base coating Bolt Pistol Arm attempt number 3. Its coming along.
Part of me wants to convert this in some way or add some sort of bit, but after painting up two separate arms previous that didn't work, I'm afraid to do anything fancy and run into the same problem a 3rd time.
This set of legs is all ready to go and will be used for the Veteran Sergeant. It pretty much has to be - considering I have the Veteran Crux hanging from the belt.
Green stuff loin cloth and a Veteran Crux bit.
I started dabbling with some sculpting. I'm planning on giving the Sergeant Melta Bombs so I took a Catachan arm and started the process of giving him a sleeve over his bare muscled arm. The piece of plastic card will be part of the Scout Armor Gauntlet they all wear. Its got a ways to go. Since I had some leftover green stuff I made some pieces for a purity seal. I'm really happy with how well I got the scale on these.
I suck at sculpting but I want to learn. This is my attempt to push my limits. Hopefully when the gauntlet and shoulder pad are added it will look decent.
Also while sculpting I gave this head a mohawk like the old scouts had. I think it came out pretty well. We'll see when I get it all cleaned, primed, and painted though.
Green stuff mohawk. Someone get him to Hot Topic for some bondage pants. I kid since if my hair didn't thin in my early 20's I'd totally have rocked a mohawk somewhere in the last 20 years.
Finally, here's one more set of Scout legs all base coated and ready for highlighting.
Another green stuff loin cloth with an Imperial Eagle groin protector to show he has faith in the Emperor to protect his junk.


eriochrome said...

Looks good. I have never had the patience to paint then assemble as I prefer assembling to the painting.

ahschmidt said...

Ive been pondering doing some Eldar that way, but the more i think about it, the more it breaks my soul. I also have a painting technique that id like to employ that i dont think will work. Good luck getting these guys wrapped up. Sometime they'll have to take the field vs my Chaos army!

xNickBaranx said...

@eriochrome I paint so slowly I need manageable bites to work with or I feel like I'm accomplishing nothing and get discouraged. Its actually frustrating because I have converted models I assembled years ago that I find myself breaking apart to paint, and then reassemble.

@Aaron, We definitely need to get a game in. I do need to dabble with some other techniques myself.