Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Wrong Arm - Angels of Absolution Scout WIP

I'm glad I'm still working on Squad #1. I'm out of practice so that freehand 1 took me a half hour.
Its been a while since I made a 40K post. I played in an AWC tournament a few weeks back and I'm excited to paint my Angels of Absolution again. I decided to pull out some Scouts I had started in the hope of working my way through a 5 man squad. One disadvantage of painting piecemeal and doing test fittings with blue tack is that sometimes when everything comes together the pieces you were working with don't line up as planned.

You'll notice I added a green stuff loin cloth as well as the skull on rope bit.
I had originally planned to use that arm for this body. Sadly, when I glued the torso in place I twisted it too far for the arm to clear the holster creating a terrible gap if I had chosen to glue it. I worked on that silly arm on and off for the past couple of days. It'll still get used, but I was excited to have this model almost done. Instead I'm going to have to prime a different arm tomorrow and start over. I guess at least I have an arm done for one of the other Scouts in the squad.


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