Friday, April 2, 2010

mechanicus skitarii

hey all...
well usually after adepticon i don't touch a paint brush for weeks, but some reason (probably all the amazing models and armies that were displayed there) i still have some inspiration. One of the 'themes' that has always intrigued me was the Mechanicus (even though i did not see any armies like this this year) Especially after reading Dark Mechanicus and Titanicus. After many a google search and seeing other peoples conversion ideas, one in particular caught my attention for the basic mechanicus troop (Skitarii). So without further ado... here is my first attempt at a conversion. Basically all it so far, is an older metal scout, with some green stuff added. Will probably add some guitar string wires that go out of the head and straight to the gun.. something like an advanced targeting array or something. but for now here are my first blurry pictures..

Please forgive the shoulder pad cog... it looks quite silly right now, but I am working on a greenstuff mold/stamp that i will be able to mass produce the shoulder pad cogs/skulls.
Anyhow, late for work once again, so its time for me to head out!
ps.. I have also have 8 Crimson Fist honor guard that are near completion, will be posting more blurry pictures soon!


Dasanton said...

I like the looks of it so far. The conversion works really well. It will definitely look better with a 3d shoulder pad, but I don't think it's looking terrible without one either.

Scott said...

It might look better if you used a color other than black. It's hard to see black on red.

I did a chaos blood bowl team with red armor and black numbers once. I was almost impossible to read them.

Otherwise, looks good so far adn I suspect it's going to get very interesting. I think I may have some SM sholder pads with cogs on them if you want them.

Pedro Kantor said...

Thanks guys... Pretty sure I am going to run them as IG.. but use mainly scouts/servitors/techmarines as the models, so probably could use the SM cog shoulder pads scott, next lunch?. I tried a couple attempts at making a greenstuff stamp/mold out of one of those shoulder pads and i just couldn't get it right, on the 3rd try I ended up cutting out the cog part and just using the skull as my stamp and its actually pretty cool and works fairly well on him, paint on the cog then just attached the skull and paint. I've actually made some cool paint changes to that model too.. added a grey trim to the hood that looks something like this

and also changed the black clog to 1/2 black 1/2 white so that it does stand out more. when I get some more done will try and post some better pictures

Anonymous said...
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