Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progress Comes Slowly...

A few weeks back I posted the Blood Angels dreadnought that I had roughly completed for Adepticon (actually a couple of days after.) Since Adepticon I returned to my painting table and really wanted to drop a bomb on Scott. I had a firm lead in our painting competition and he promptly smothered me with his 11 point Daemon unit. My Blood Angels' dread reduced that lead somewhat, but I really needed to make up some ground. Luckily I've been stockpiling!

Today I'm striking back hard by dropping 6 more points. I'm hitting back with 3 Angels of Absolution models - a Dreadnought, a Devastator Squad Sergeant, and a Counter.

Sergeant 0f the 9th Devastator Squad of the Fifth Company:
Side view to get a good shot of his squad marking.
Hidden Set-Up Counter #4
Eros of the Fifth Company, originally of the 5th Tactical Squad before interment. Still frequently acting in support of them as if he never left.

Close Up of the little bit of weathering I did on the legs.

Nick: 14
Scott: 11

But I already know Scott has 3 more points dropping any day now. Time to step it up.


Papa JJ said...

Great batch of minis, the bone color on them looks awesome. I'm really impressed with the squad markings, too.

Scott said...

Looking good Nick. I hadn't heard from you in a while so I wasn't sure what you were up to.

But you know what that Dreadnought needs?

A bolt of Change to the face!!

Pedro Kantor said...

would love to do a dreadnought bash before I leave... bring a dread... 4x4 table... as many as we can field.... no holds bar... last dread standing wins

xNickBaranx said...

I's be totally down.

oni said...

They look fantastic. It's a very clean look and complimenting colour scheme.

xNickBaranx said...

Thank you very much Papa JJ and Oni. Much appreciated!

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