Saturday, February 19, 2011

AdMech Manticore Rocket Launcher

Hey All..
So last week, my one and only 40k Seattle buddy (Nakoa) invited me to be a teammate for a local 40k team tournament. I jumped at the opportunity as i do not get to play much at all these days.. The tournament was 2000 points per team with a required HQ and 2 troop choices per player. I've been playing my Crimson Fist's for tournaments now for a couple years, so pretty used to em now and decided to play em here as he brought space wolves. The one exception is I ran a Terminator Librarian with Null Zone and Might Of The Ancients and I have to say, he was by far the MVP of the event for me and Null Zone is the reason why. That is such a awesome power, especially with everyones invulnerable saves these days. Here is a brief run down of the games...
Game 1 versus Dark Eldar and Eldar alliance..
So many skimmers with so many invulnerable saves... good thing the librarian was around to make our opponents fail most ever reroll... we can so close to tabling these guys our spirits were up.. there were 3 objectives and we controlled 2. Win on our end, it was decided at the beginning of the tournament that in case of a tie, the winners would be decided by victory points. so we got close to the full 2000 that game. 1-0
Game 2 versus Mechanicus Space Marine Army
We came into this game a little bit cocky i think. They had 6 dreads, a couple master of the forges, a thunderfire cannon and lots of sniper scouts.. we had quite a bit of long range lascannons, so we decided to make them come to us and whittle them down as they came.. problem was, we couldn't hit a dread as if our lives depended on it... I had 7 Assault Termies (with the Librarian too and 4 Thunder Hammers) that easily took out there termies and landraider then went after one of the dreads.. f'in thing tied up the whole unit for the rest of the game.. neither of us could hit or wound it was insane.. but their dreads just kept coming and got into our lines and wrecked much havoc... This game was straight kill points and they beat us fair and square.. we did manage a fair amount of victory points by the end.. so even though we lost, we still felt we had a good chance of placing in the top 3. 1-1
Game 3 versus necrons..
I haven't played against necrons in quite some time and these guys brought a couple crazy expensive characters and 2 monoliths and the bare bones amount of warriors.. so right off from the start, we decided to ignore everything as much as possible except for the warriors and try and get them to phase out... First turn, one of the guys marches one of his warrior squads within charge range of my terminators.. not sure why, but i said thanks, and wiped them off the board, my teammate was able to assault another warrior squad with some grey hunters and killed off quite a bit of another squad. next turn i was able to assault another warrior squad with a tactical squad and rolled amazing and killed a bunch too. he then used a monolith to teleport them away, except that where he placed them left them ready to be struck down by two packs of grey hunters and that was all we needed to phase them out.. it was over by turn 4... Their monoliths and crazy characters were not able to do a thing.. ouch.. we got full victory points and felt pretty confident we were gonna place 2nd or 1st depending on a game that was still in progress.. 2-1
As it turned out, we won the tournament by round 100 victory points!!! Whoop whoop! We each got a $50 gift card and this is what i bought with it..
My first AdMech Manticore...

Over all, was a great experience and i met a few more people that play 40k round here and this time exchanged numbers, so more games up in coming, hopefully with this damn guard army thats been in the works for so long now!


Dasanton said...

Congrats on the win! It sounds like you played well. Were all the armies painted? Did you get any pictures of the games you played?

What did you use for the rack on the manticore?

Pedro Kantor said...

Thanks Anton,
I did not take any pict's of the event.. all the armies we played were painted fully, but quite a few were not, hence why i didn't take pict.. as for the manitore rack.. i ended up buying the official model, so the rack is what came with it...