Friday, February 18, 2011

More Sentinels of Truth CSMs

I completed the other half of that Chaos Space marine unit that started last year. I call this particular faction of my Chaos Space Marine the Sentinels of Truth. They are a space marine chapter that has recently gone renegade.

Below is a picture of the complete unit.

I call this first squad "Bastion Squad" which is represented by the castles painted on their shoulder pads.

Also, the missile launcher has an eye painted on his armor signifying their alliance to Derg Corra Amnon and his war band, The Eye of Prophesy

I was happy to get back to power armor. I had forgotten how much fun it is to paint. I purposefully kept the color scheme simple so that I could paint them quickly.

In fact, I would have had them done a Long time ago had I not gotten distracted by skaven. I spent almost all of my hobby time in January gluing nearly 100 skaven models together.

So while Nick is in the lead in the painting race for now, I have a tide waiting to unleash. (Insert evil laugh).

My next project has already driven me to the edge of madness (no, not the Skaven). More on that soon, but here's a hint: It's big, metal, and has wings.

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