Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Trudging Along

I thought I'd be making this post over 2 weeks ago. Hot on the heels of my last batch of five Marienburgers, I pressed myself hard and cranked out four more. Then I got caught up with other things and had the fifth guy to complete the row stuck on my desk ever since. Today I finally had an hour free to finish him up and get some photos taken. So at this point this Spearman unit is at 10 models. The immediate plan is to get the unit to 15 Spearmen models and then 5 Free Company as a detachment. The front rank of Spearmen is on deck for completion as are the Free Company.
As of late I have had models on the brain. When I have free time I'm pouring through my old pile of White Dwarf magazines, old army books, or reading blogs like Dave Taylor Miniatures, Fort Buyaki, and Brian Carlson's Miniatures Workbench among others. I'm very excited to paint, convert, and get models on the table. It also fuels my project ADD like I'm on speed and I am finding it even harder to focus. Tomb Kings got announced as coming in May, I was looking through an old White Dwarf from the release of the last VC book and it has me jonesing to paint Spirit Hosts just because I love their look, and then I've been looking at a lot of Apocalypse articles. This leads me to a question for you all. You see way back when I bought a plastic Baneblade that was originally meant to get a red paint job to go with my Redemptors of Golinar. But the only army I have far enough along to actually warrant an Apocalypse piece would be the Angels of Absolution. I've seen other people put Baneblades with their marines so it isn't a huge deal and converting the Baneblade to look a little more streamline and marine-like could be good fun. Below is an ancient John Blanche drawing of the Dark Angels in massed battle. In their midst is an unusual tank with a Demolisher Cannon on the front, and an unknown turret on top. So the question I ask all of you is, what Baneblade/Stormlord variant do you feel it is most like. I'm going with Hellhammer. But maybe there is something in the Forgeworld range that I'm missing. Any thoughts?
Status update for Nick:
Points: 14
Models Painted: 10 Infantry, 1 Tank
Models Purchased in 2011: 1 (Steam Tank)


Siph_Horridus said...

Maybe a FW Malcador.. similar tracks fwd and hull mounted cannon and choice of turret armaments.

Pedro Kantor said...

good work nick...
you should check out this post if you haven't already for ideas bout the baneblade

xNickBaranx said...

Siph, I just checked out the Malcador at your suggestion. Great option. One of them is even described as having a Battle Cannon and a Demolisher Cannon and then the pics that coincide with it have a heavy bolter or lascannon in the forward hull mount. haha. I may go this route though.

Eric, I'll take a closer look at that link later. I started to look at it last night but got distracted.

Scott said...

Hell hammer for sure.

Brian Carlson said...

Great job on the spearmen, looking good! I would agree with the malcador, that would fit the style of the artwork. Looking forward to seeing your progress on the Empire.

xNickBaranx said...

Eric, I'm not a big fan of his turrets - if they're adapted for Marines I feel like they should be less chunky/rivet-heavy. However, this pic http://i877.photobucket.com/albums/ab340/machinator248/IMG_1718.jpg is awesome!

Hellhammer or Malcador is still the pressing question in my brain. haha.

Brian, thanks for stopping by. I was stoked to stumble over your blog. Now I don't have to creep on you at Adepticon or when I'd occasionally see you at the Chicago Battle Bunker. You always would have beautiful armies in tow.