Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emptying the Case: Two More Marines Done.

Over a year ago I got it in my head that I wanted to try and avoid starting too many brand new projects. I have carrying cases full of partially completed models. For the longest time my Angels of Absolution carrying case was full of partially completed marines - Angels of Absolution and a handful of Black Templars. Anyway, the idea I had a year or so ago was to work on the models already started in an effort to clear out these cases. It didn't matter if the model was outdated or obsolete - just find a reason to finish it and get it done. These 2 models are part of that plan. Five years ago I cleaned up some of the early 90's marine plastics with the goal to blend them in with the new plastics by swapping parts around.

Now you wouldn't realize this, but clearing these two models out of the case actually means that I cleared several slots. I painted everything piecemeal so the torsos and legs were in separate slots, as were the arms and backpacks. Not the most efficient system by standards of time or space, but it makes keeping my lines straight a lot easier.
This model is from the 2nd Tactical Squad of the 5th Company. Up until last week I never had a "2nd" Tactical Squad for my 5th Company, but I started reorganizing my squads and felt that it was in my best interest to start one. I'll picture the whole squad next chance I get. The twigs you see sticking out of all my bases now are made from broom bristles.
This model doesn't have the same updated look that the first one has. I used old arms and the less dynamic legs creating a less dynamic model - funny how that works out. He is from the 4th Tactical Squad of the 6th Company. This is also a new squad born out of my reorganization of my squads.
This is a close up of my first attempt at tarnished metal and it came out pretty well. He will eventually have his name added to that plaque.
I've just started adding mud splatter to the legs of my infantry. I'm eventually going to do dirt on all of my models. I still haven't perfected my technique but I get better with each model,

2 more points for Nick. Thanks for reading!

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Wow! Those look really good. Can't wait to see more.