Thursday, September 1, 2011

Angels of Absolution Terminator WIP

I've been extremely quiet with the blog as of late. I was all hobby all the time for the first few months this year but things slowed down to a halt in May as my band was getting ready to go to Europe for a summer tour. I was gone for most of June and July and came home to Chicago to sweltering heat. We don't have central air here at the Maplewood compound so rather than drip sweat onto my models I waited it out.

Well, it happens that things cooled down enough to sit comfortably once more over the last week so I cracked out the brushes and paints and got to work on this guy:
As you can see, he's got no arms completed yet, and you might notice by the crest on the leg that he is an Assault on Black Reach plastic. I think he's coming along pretty well and looks good for a test model. The key things to note at this stage are that on his hip armor I experimented with painting in false engraved detail. This was my first time doing something like this on a model that wasn't scenery. To create the illusion of depth I merely used Bubonic Brown to put down the pattern I wanted to "engrave" and then I painted/drew Brown Ink along the center of the Bubonic Brown lines. The first time out I went for a simple pattern to see how I liked it and I was very pleased.

The other thing you'll note is the red strip along his head. I've never seen anyone else with Angels of Absolution do this (all 2 of you) but The Siege of Vraks vol III shows Angels of Absolution veteran squads having these markings. It stood to reason that the Terminator Squads would do this too as the whole 1st Company should carry the same markings. I think it helps to make him stand out as not "just another Deathwing Terminator" model too.

I should have the arms finished to post early next week.



slipwing said...

That looks really good. I especially like the lining you did on the armor.

Old School Terminator said...

I like it a lot. The red stripe really makes it stand out.

xNickBaranx said...

Thank you both! I'm pretty stoked on how he's coming out.

Anonymous said...

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