Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daboyz GT primer

I played in Daboyz GT primer this last Saturday. My buddy bill and I went to Daboyz GT last year. I went undefeated the first day and then my first game day 2 was againgst Greg Sparks, the winner of the GT and member of team USA for the ETC. This year they have a better comp matrix than last year. it can be viewed here I wanted to go into the tourny with the least amount of negatives for comp and as many high armour value vehicles as possible. my blood angel list was:

Reclusiarch+ Sanguinary Priest(goes in crusader with assault squad)
10 Assault marines with thunder hammer and 2 melta guns in a Land Raider Crusader with extra armour and a multi melta
10 Assault Marines with twin lightning claws and 2 flamers in a Land Raider with extra armour and multi melta
10 tactical marines with melta gun, combi melta and lascannon in a twin lascannon razorback
Baal Predator with assault cannon and side heavy bolters
Vindicator with siege shield
predator eith autocannon and side lascannons

This list only gave me minus 10 points for have 3 dedicated transports(razorback and 2 Land Raiders)

My first battle was againgst the Aurora Chapter (never played againgst them before so i was a bit excited) his list was
biker captain with stormshield
assault termies in a land raider
3 tactical squads in rhinos
assault squad with flamers
bike squad with meltas an multi melta attack bike
predator with twin lascannon and side lascannons

We played the ear collecting mission. my opponent got the first turn and TOTALLY wiffed with everything. not even a shaken result. I then proceded to rend and destroy the land raider with my twin linked assault cannons on my crusader and shook his predator and blew off the vindicator cannon. The big turn in this game was when my assault squad with reclusiarch charged 1 biker directly away from his assault termies and tanks moved up to keep them from assaulting. this would be a 6 ear turn. my blood angels kept eating and after my opponent rolled 3 ones when his termies got shot with bolters, it was all just a formality. game was random turn length and it went 7. in my turn seven, I completed the tabling.

Game 2 (dwindling resources)againgst space wolves commanded by 13 year old primarch patrick. patrick won smoking boots last year at the GT, but keeps coming back for more and he ended up winning a tourney this spring.

His army
psyker with lightning
wolf lord in termie armour leading termie wolf guard in a land raider
lone wolf
venerable dread with assault cannon
2 units of grey hunters in rhinos
long fangs with lascannons

I got the first turn and I moved up and blew the long fangs off the board and stunned the land raider. I spent the game stunning vehicles and destroying his army piece by piece. turn 3 we both take an objective (of 5) off the board. I take the one closest to the unit of grey hunters left and he then takes off the next closest(?). I'm able to hold off the termies long enough to win 2-0.

Last game againgst a crusading marine list with modified kill points(depending on cost of unit) and table quaters (most kill point in quater takes the quater)

His list(ish)

captain equipted like shrike
assault squad
thunderfire cannon
ironclad dread
dual twin linked autocannon dread(what bill calls the A%$hole dread)
2 tactical squads
10 man scout sniper squad
10 man scout bolter squad
5 man scout with power fist squad
5 man scout squad in storm

Again an opponent that whiffed(after he stole the initiative). This mission had a rule that starting on turn 4 you pick a unit of opponents that comes back.turn 4 I got stuck picking the ironclad(when i was with 12" of board edge with most of my army). and turn 5 it was the thunderfire. he brought back my 5 man tactical combat squad and then my razorback. this was a fun mechanic and it made you really think what to destroy turns 3 - on. I had him on kill points and held 3 table quaters. one was held by a lascannon marine from the combat squad that made like 6 saves and then hid in a tree for 2 turns!

So after 3 rounds I had max points. along with someone with a perfect comp score(no minus'). but since painting was counted, my 16 points made up for the 10 point comp drop, and I came up with the win! I guess that techically makes me the number 1 seed going into the GT next month.

hopefully now that I figured out how to use this blog, I will post again soon, maybe even my sniper couts I got with my winnings.



xNickBaranx said...

Wait! Is that an allied Pre-Heresy World Eaters Predator?

Time traveling allies. 0 Composition.


Nice to see you figured out how to use the blog.

Pedro Kantor said...

Awesome mike...
Should we revive nerd night to talk about next years adepticon team tournament? I am for sure coming this year and would love to have us play again.
Good luck with the GT!

LordNurgle said...

Bill and I have started a team army for next year. we are going after the black library award and are trying to put together armies based on the book fulgrim. it's just the 2 of us so far though.

Pedro Kantor said...

are you painting up Emperors Children then? Will you be playing as CSM?

LordNurgle said...

goal is 3 imperials from 3 points in the book, and a noise marine army set in the auditorium when the legion turns.

Pedro Kantor said...

what are the other 3 armies and what have you done already? should we move this to nerd night? been a while since anyones even used that site, but its good for discussions like this i think. I will start up a thread there

Tim Alexander said...

I would love to go to one of these events, I love games, specially these ones.