Thursday, August 23, 2012

Angels of Absolution Tac Squad Flamer

All of the frantic painting of Warden Biker's came to a grinding halt today. I was making great progress but I realized I wasn't going to have them done for the tournament on Sunday so I needed to look at what I needed to get my army list done and in tonight, and I'm going with a force that includes a horde of Tactical Squads. I needed to finish this one Flamer marine in order to complete the Tactical Squads I've selected. This guy is a new development in my army building - his Flamer is magnetized in place. Nothing groundbreaking for the rest of the hobby community, but its something new for me.

He's going to need his base decorated, tactical markings, and weathering once the new Codex comes out but in the meantime he looks good enough to put on the battlefield at the tournament.


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