Friday, August 17, 2012

Using My Hobby Skills a Little Differently Today.

Citadel Paints aren't just good for painting models, they have nice vivid colors good for painting, I don't know... Art for your girlfriend? This took me 2-3 hours.
Today is my girlfriend Lisa's birthday. We are partners, we've lived together for a couple years, and we have dogs together. This morning I was reposting Lisa's Birthday Wish on Facebook and ran across an image of a pendant that Lisa would just love, if it wasn't for one thing - she doesn't really wear jewelry. This is the pendant here:
This pendant is available on Etsy here:
$5 from every purchase goes to pit bull rescue.
Anyway, not only would she love this art, it just so happens that the shape of this pit bull's face is just like our girl Harlow:
Harlow is the girl in the back with the 1/4 black face. Isn't she adorable?
With a bit of time available to try and do something a little extra special for Lisa I decided to use my hobby skills to modify the image slightly to Harlow's coloring, and then hand paint it. I used Photoshop to turn the pendant photo into a sketch. I had to redraw the right side with pencil, add the flow of her 1/4 black face, and then remove the chain and shadows:
Photoshop turned this little puppy into something akin to a coloring book image for me to work from.
Two and a half hours of painting using my Citadel Color Paints and the original image as a guide I had a painting of Harlow in Mexican Sugar Skull style to give to Lisa for her birthday. I'd like to give her something else though. I know none of you out there know Lisa or Harlow, but Harlow is a special little girl. At 12 weeks old, as just a tiny little puppy, her previous owner kicked her and broke her jaw. She has a spirally pig tail as well because the previous owner broke or deformed it trying to dock it. She was rescued and taken away from her original owner by the people at Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue and after she got the proper veterinary care and jaw surgery she needed she was put into foster care with one of their wonderful organizers. Once she was nursed back to health and was ready to be put in a forever home, she joined our family. For Lisa's birthday she is trying to give back to the people who do so much for pit bulls in need like Harlow. Veterinary care and surgeries are not cheap and the organizers commit most of their free time to rescuing pit bulls from awful situations, fostering and finding foster homes for those they rescue, and advocating for this very misunderstood breed of wonderful loving animals. So if you can spare $10 to make Lisa's Birthday Wish come true and help out these dogs it would be fantastic and we'd all be extremely appreciative. As I said, I know none of you know Lisa or Harlow, but that would make it such a surprise. She's trying to raise $500. Here's the link: Lisa's Birthday Wish. 
That little puppy on that punk flyer with the "cone of shame" and the wrap around her jaw is Harlow at 3 months old. Please help out if you can. More Angels of Absolution models and grim dark rambling next time!


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