Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Really Old Plague Monks and an Odd Coincidence

Did someone say Warhammer Fantasy? (Actually, Nick and Anton did)

I painted these skaven miniatures around 1997 when I was starting in WHFB. Back then, there were almost no plastics for Skaven. Needless to say, the difficulty of collecting a horde army of only metal miniatures took it's toll and the army was never completed.

When the multi-part plastic skaven came out a short time later, I hated them. Plus the 6th Edition focused a lot more on Clan Skryre rather than my favorite clan, Clan Pestilens.

I lost interest in WHFB after that. I worked briefly on a Goblin wolf rider army, but have focused mostly on 40K since then.

However, when I saw the new Skaven minis, I knew that I would very likely get drawn back into Fantasy.

Luckily, I kept most of my old skaven. Unfortunately, most of them are still buried deep in storage. I did find these plague monks, so I figured I'd take them out for a photo session.

Pretty much every one of these was a test mini. I couldn't really decide on a paint scheme. These minis will probably now get a bath in Simple Green and a new sickly green paint job.

And this is funny...

Above is the Sorcerer that I built for my Thousand Sons army about two years ago (and no, it's still not painted)

Below, is the brand new Games Day mini for 2010.

I'll leave you to make you own assumptions.


Matthias said...

Better draft up your own Cease & Desist order!

Scott said...

I'm on it. They'll finaly get a taste of their own medicine.


xNickBaranx said...

Those bastards!

Dasanton said...

You still haven't painted that guy up? damn dude!

I personally think you should hang on to the old skaven models.. it's not like they'd fit with a new army, and it's nice to have something to compare your skill levels and have some sort of historical record of your painting over the years. At least that's my plan. I'll probably just re-do models as they become out-dated.