Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two More Red Scorpion Space Hulk Terminators

Click on these photos for the full image. They're huge.

Mike Hughes has sent us pictures of two more Space Hulk Terminators he has painted in the Red Scorpions color scheme. Mike Hughes is originally from Buffalo, NY. He worked under me at Games Workshop Walden Galleria 1999-2001 (I think I have those years right, haha). He was often referred to as "the painting slave" because he could churn out models 5x faster than any of us (and 10x faster than me!) through effectively streamlining the process of any color scheme we discussed and targeted highlighting. Needless to say, he was practically tethered to the painting table at all times. His greatest weakness at home has always been brainstorming an exciting and effective technique to carry out a color scheme and then getting 5-10 models into that army and then scrapping or selling the models. I once remember a group of kids coming into the store all excited about models they found in the garbage in their neighborhood and I was like, "Where'd you get these!? These are Mike's!" He honestly had just thrown them all out. It should be noted that Mike has also placed at the Baltimore Golden Demon - when he isn't trying to speed up and streamline he can totally knock it out of the park. He currently lives in Japan.

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