Monday, May 4, 2009


Given that Scott took the initiative to get this blog up and running, I thought I should take the next step and actually post something to it. First, though, introductions are in order so you have some idea of who's typing at you. I have been a part of the Monday night gaming group (affectionately referred to as Nerd Night) for almost three years now. I have been playing Warhammer 40k off and on since 1998, but didn't play regularly until moving to Chicago and joining the Nerd Night group.

After dabbling with Marines both Loyalist and Chaos over the years, I now play Imperial Guard, and have fallen in love with the Hammer of the Emperor. I have founded the 10th Varrian Regiment, fielding it as a fairly straight forward guard army based on combined arms tactics. I am incredibly excited about the new Imperial Guard codex, and am feverishly modifying my army to fit the new codex. Not to mention dropping too much money on new models.

Aside from the ongoing expansion of the Varrian 10th, I have a new project: the White Scars 5th Company. I hope to track my progress on the White Scars on this blog, as well as the process of adapting and expanding the Varrian 10th.

What can you expect from me on this blog? My love of 40k stems from playing the game, and the incredible background Games Workshop has created. Much to the chagrin of my friend Nick, once my models are up to a table top standard, I'm done with them. So, I will leave the painting and modelling advice and articles to others. From me, you can mostly expect my thoughts on army building, battle reports, and fiction. I'll be posting the first of said fiction shortly.

I'm hoping this blog will become a place to record the campaigns, stories, battles, and tips that come out of our Monday night group. If that appeals to others and you decide to come back, even better. Thanks for reading,


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Pedro Kantor said...

I personally love the story chad, great job of turning a 5 turn game into a wonderful summary narative!
I will try and do the same for our continued battles for the defense of Irudo!