Monday, May 11, 2009

Still more introductions

Hey all,
Well my name is Eric and I am one of the fellow Monday Night Gamers (aka Nerd Night). I guess I will start with a little about my 40k history... My first army was Chaos Undivided that I started right when 3rd edition came out. Was living in a fairly small town outside Seattle at the time and only played with one other person regularly (orks)... he ended up meeting a girl and we played less and less til finally he fell off the map, WITH MY ARMY I MIGHT ADD... (I later found out he ended up selling it on ebay, bastard!) Anyhow, I eventually ended up here is Chicago and decided to try my hand at 40k again, this was during 4th edition and I decided to try a shooty army and went with Tau. I used to play with folks out at HobbyTown in OakPark, as at the time I didn't know anyone here who played, and it was alright... things temporarily weren't working out so well here so headed back to Seattle for a year break and the army went in storage... Moving back to Chicago the second time, I ended up meeting most of the people I play with regularly now. I gotta say its been great having a constant (albeit slightly changing) gaming night/group. I am now currently working on 3 armies... Crimson Fists, Orks, and an UltraMarine Epic army... and that's about enough of that!
Now, here is what is going to be taking up most of my time til July, yea you know what I'm talking about... PlanetStrike! I love it when GW puts out additional supplements that can help one come up with more interesting ways to play the game... The first one I really got into was Cities of Death and that was great, the stratagems were/are a fun way to just help make a battle seem more realistic and also funner to plan and to play. Our friend Nick has been real excited about this upcoming release too and has been building scenery to boot for it (Im hoping he will psot more photos soon!) Anyhow, a while ago I bought a couple Space Marine lots on Ebay and managed to get about 30 old Terminators (of which I've only painted less than half), but since reading that the attacker is going to be allowed ~6 Elite slots, I've decided to go crazy and try and finish them all and another DreadNought. It will be so fun running 30 terminators at once... ha defenders beware!
Here is the start of em!

Here is the start of a recent conversion Im in the midst of working on too...

I am trying my hand at using green stuff more and more. This right arm was a regular storm bolter arm that got cut off and the axe was from a dwarf miniature from adepticon this year. I used green stuff to make the hand and sculpt part of the arm... it looks somewhat good, still along ways to go with it though. Also used green stuff to add the addtional tubing along the axe and arm... once Im happy with the shape will get down to actually painting this one!
Here is the other arm, this one was cut at the elbow joint and then filled with green stuff. Need to file and reshape this one a bit I think.

alright I've rambled on too much perhaps.. So (for the near future anyways) I will probably just be posting battle reports and my Termie progress. Hope you enjoy and as always would love comments etc.


Scott said...

I play with you every week and I didn;t know most of your gaming history. I knew about the chaos army lost to the warp (a.k.a Ebay).

In fact, the terminator with two axes? I see some Khorne influence there. Is there still some corruption lurking about? Hmmm?

Seriously, I really like the conversion.

Pedro Kantor said...

ha! I would love to create a traitor marine army at some point... During 3rd edition my Juggernauts of Khone and oblitorators were my favorite, JofK won me more than one game, although, now they are ridden by daemons yes?

Scott said...

Bloodletters on Juggernauts (Bloodcrushers) are an elite in the Daemon Codex.

For Chaos space marines you can buy your lord a juggeraut. It gives the lord +1 Attack and +1 Strength (for a total of base 5 S5 attacks).

Chad said...

I agree with Scott, I love that dual axe Terminator. Despite the obvious Khorne influence.

I hope we can get a game in again soon.