Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The "Chip" - An Introduction

Well, I think I might be the last one to post here. But I have thought a long time about a first Blog. I was at this year's Adepticon and I was in a seminar (which one I don't recall, I had a "Headache"), and it came out that I have the Games Workshop "Chip" in my head. This referenced that I use GW paint, brushes, Spray Primer, I have the hand Flamer. I guess I need to eloborate on my "implant" and how I started gaming.

I made models as a kid and launched rockets with friends in middle school. In high school I started reading comic books (since I didn't get picked on enough for my thick glasses and A.V. nerd status). At the comic store I saw them playing Magic the Gathering, this was right around the time of Arabian Nights. I had a card store open open close to my house and I played there for a while till we outgrew that. Then we went to Adventures Unleashed.

As juniors in high school this place was pretty cool. Lots of room to play in, to rival what jester's has now. Sometimes there was a resturaunt next door to the store. Here we saw Games Workshop for the first time. It was me, Doug, Tom, and Dave Miller (R.I.P.). I started with Fantasy chaos and then moved to 40k with Dark Angels and then Imperial Guard(who played againgst nick's unfinished Angels when they first started). I had my gaming store and I was set. When Nick moved to GW things did not look good. I ended up working there myself 1998-1999. I got let go, but kept going to the store, some would say that was because of the chip, but I think it was loyalty

Working for Brenden was so much fun. I never had an older brother, but I kind of did with him for a while. He really believed in GW and was so enthusiastic about it, and it rubbed off on me. While I was there I got to play 3rd edition like 3 months before it came out. I went to the staff tournemant in Baltimore with Nick and learned Battlefleet Gothic from Robin Dews and Andy Chambers. GW added Gorka Morka and Mordiheim and people still played Necromunda. I bought a Mega Paint Set so I had a GW product for everything I needed.

I kept having people try to get me to play other games but the fiction for 40K is so good. I love the religious overtones of the Imperium and have loved seeing that get further explored in the Horus Heresy books. Every day I look through a codex or paint or play a game.

I got married in 2007 and it has severly changed my gaming habits. My wife and I live in the City of Buffalo and work full time professional jobs. We share one car and the closest gaming store is over 30 minutes away. Going out there is pretty much an all day afair. Because of that I usually go out to a tournament so I can get 3 games in on one day. Plus with a tournament, I use the same army 3 times and I get to try out stuff a few times and see how it works. I am so horrible with money that my wife has me on an allowence so I almost never get to buy models, so tourneys are my way to "gamble" on new models. I usually place, but I have never won, in like 20 times. It is frustrating some times, but I usually win more games than I lose.

I have a company and a half of Blood Angels, 5,000 points of Inquisition, a Pre Heresy World Eaters Army, a small Imperial Guard Contigent and about 6,000 points of Saim Hainn Eldar. I Also have a huge Orcs and Goblins Army I need to sell with alot of old models and fun Night Goblin Conversions I did back in the day. Plus Gorka Morka, Necromunda, Space Hulk, Blood Bowl, and a little Warhammer Quest. I love the GW fiction and am so used to the GW systems that I don't really want to play anything else.

....... Or at least that's what the chip makes me say.


xNickBaranx said...

I like my chip.

HuronBH said...

LOL, yeah I'd say you have the GW chip. I pulled mine out for a while though recently it has found its way back in, I'm not sure how that happened. Good luck on your Blogging experience and I am looking forward to reading your posts, checking out your armies, and seeing what you had to say about the hobby we all love.