Monday, May 11, 2009

Introduction and Update

Hello all, This is Scott. You may know me from my blog, Citizen Nick Hobby center (not to be confused with xNICKBARANx, who also posts here).

For those of you who don't know me, I started blogging back in 2006 when I started my Thousand Sons Project. In 2007, I switched to my Blog at Citizen Nick Hobby center. Here is a sample of my Thousand Sons:

My progress on my Thousand Sons has been slow, but in now way purposeful (yes, I went there). Over the last three years I've been distracted by a lot of projects, including my 'vanilla' Chaos Space marines and my Daemons.

This year I decided to narrow my focus as much as possible and work on only one project at a time. Since I have so many partly completed projects, this has been working out quite well for me. I also decided to concentrate only on my daemons for this whole year.

In fact, I just finished this unit of Bloodletters this weekend (not all of them are pictured):

I'm definitely more of a painter than a player. I've been trying to slowly improve. Since I started playing my daemons, I've gone from mostly losses to mostly draws, so I guess that's an improvement.

Next on the painting queue are my Tzeentch flamers. Below is the test model I did nearly a year ago. I have ten of these in a partially painted stage, but I decided to paint only five at a time. I feel that I get a lot more done if I take it in smaller chunks.


xNickBaranx said...

I'm excited to see the Bloodletters done. You're systematically attacking that army and making steady progress. I'm into it.

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