Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The GW Hobby is One of Aesthetics

I am a hobby snob. It was alluded to in Chad's introduction that much to my chagrin, he only paints to a gaming standard. Its true. My allure to the GW Hobby really stems from the visual aspect. I can get my ass handed to me in a game and its a bit of a bummer, but what's most important to me is, "Did the battle look good?" I beat myself up over unpainted models. I can't stand when the scenery doesn't look like it represents anything. I cringe at every book or pile of dice in the center of the playing area. I want that battlefield to come to life. I want the game to tell a story even without pre-planning.

That isn't to say I don't like the other aspects of the hobby - I like them all. I write background, plot campaigns, tinker with rules, etc. I see myself as fully immersed. My weakest point is actually in my game play.

Over the coming months I'm sure I'll write articles on every part of the whole that is the GW Hobby - except tactics. In the meantime here's a smattering of my armies and scenery. You can check out more of my work at


Spanky said...

I agree totally. its all about how it looks. To me this game is like going to the Field museum and being able to play with the little dioramas. Love your blog, cant wait to see more. Where you at in Chicago, BTW? I'm in the NW burbs but I was a Mt Greenwood boy for a long time.

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